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Critique is a review platform with never-before-seen features and implications for all crypto networks.

We are the IMDb of the crypto space, with R2E features (Review2Earn). We provide callers and devs with more business, and give customers a chance to review their services.


GET A perfect match for your project – with ease.

Critique ($CRIQ) is a utility token designed to become more agile over time. Callers and new developers can be an effective resource for new or growing projects. Their efficacy is relative to things like project market cap, recent utility releases, community popularity / health, and more. Examine reviews carefully to make an informed decision about whether a caller can help or hinder your project.


Critique is the next evolution of utility tokens and serves the market with a unique unprecedented product offering. The tokenomics are designed to complement the ecosystem.

  • 1,000,000,000 Total Supply
  • 5% Buy Tax (3% Marketing / 2% LP)
  • 5% Sell Tax (3% Marketing / 2% LP)

BSC Contract Address:




Earn automatic Binance pegged USD ($BUSD), rewards by adding your own reviews to the system in order to help service providers in the BSC space (or call them out!). The reward system is based on merit and takes into account past reviews, purchase history, and more to ensure the best quality reviews. We strive to be an authority in the BSC space.

Best Deals

For too long the space has been plagued with inconsistent pricing and price gouging. We are here to change that. Callers will be offering deals and discounts on our platform and we'll be ensuring that the prices are set according to their actual value. No more rip offs!


All hiring will be done within a secure contract-based escrow system. The client will place their money into the smart contract. Upon successful, complete, and satisfactory completion of the service, the money will be released to the contractor (caller, dev, etc). Security and review measures are in place to protect our clients and our contractors alike.